An Astro-Tarot Mandala

The imperfect and occasionally unconvincing merger of tarot and astrology is something that has always fascinated me. There is a sentiment among less-esoteric practitioners that they are entirely unrelated systems, and “never the twain shall meet.” As a syncretic thinker on all aspects of divination (thank you, Mr. Crowley!), I find that correspondences between the two are useful to fill any gaps left by more intuitive insights when reading with decks that support both.

A while ago I decided to turn my natal horoscope into a personal “astro-tarot mandala” by adapting those correspondences –  principally the system of Chaldean decans as assigned to the tarot by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn – to a large pattern of associated cards. It isn’t of much practical use except as an inspiring visual presentation. I would love to have a poster or wall hanging of it.

Astro-Tarot Birthchart Layout.JPG

One thought on “An Astro-Tarot Mandala

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