The Grand Tableau – Lenormand “Multi-Tool”

Most of us are familiar with the “multi-tools” used by craftsmen and handymen; Leatherman makes one and the ubiquitous “Swiss Army Knife” is another. They allow the wielder to perform a variety of dissimilar tasks without relying on an arsenal of task-specific implements. The 36-card Grand Tableau – one of the oldest card arrangements in … Continue reading The Grand Tableau – Lenormand “Multi-Tool”

Elemental Modifiers as Natural Phenomena

In Part Three of the Book of Thoth, Aleister Crowley briefly examines the elemental qualities of the Knight cards as natural phenomena: the “swift and violent, but transient” Knights correspond to the Lightning Flash in Wands; to Rain and Springs in Cups; to Wind in Swords; and to Mountains in Disks. Then he neatly extricates … Continue reading Elemental Modifiers as Natural Phenomena

Wrestling with the Angel: ATU XIV – Art/Temperance

It has taken me the better part of 40 years to come to grips with the divinatory meaning of the Temperance card. The common understanding that it means nothing more than “moderation” has never convinced me. Nor has all of the elevated talk in the literature about alchemical transmutation and the reconciliation of opposites (Fire … Continue reading Wrestling with the Angel: ATU XIV – Art/Temperance