The Inner Magician Spread

I’m a member of a Voyager Tarot Study Group in central Massachusetts. One of the first exercises from the James Wanless course material that we took on was the “Constellation of Magic” reading associated with the Magician card. This reading has 25 “line items,” each one relating a way in which the Magician’s qualities can be manifested in one’s life. I took one look at this and realized it would be perfect for creating a 5×5 “tableau” for use with the Voyager. I created the spread and then used it to analyze Donald Trump’s first few months as POTUS. Love it or hate it, the reading was of middling accuracy as far as Trump’s early performance. The spread and reading were published (with the blessing of Mr. Wanless) in the January edition of the American Tarot Association’s monthly newsletter, Reflections. I’ve also attached the Trump analysis here.

5 X 5 Inner Magician Tableau Complete

Trump’s Inner Wizard

Trump’s Inner Wizard Text

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