“Cheap Shots” #1

“Tarot is the new “blind date” for the emotionally timorous, without the trepidation of actually having to follow through. It’s safe, it’s not emotionally messy and it doesn’t require nerve or opportunity.”

In my curmudgeonly way , I have a large store of acerbic observations about the world of tarot as we presently know it. I envision this as the first in a series of pithy comments about the state of the art, its practitioners and its hopeful supplicants.

This one is occasioned by the prevalence of “mind reading” questions put to the cards in the pursuit of love (aka romantic “fishing expeditions”). These are usually non-threatening substitutes for directly contacting the object of one’s assumed affections, or even asking a “friend of a friend” as we did back in the day. They are all thinly veiled versions of “Does X like/love me?” but there is feigned impartiality in the usual structure of the queries: “What does X think/feel about me?”; “Will X return my text?”; “Does X – my “ex” – want to get back together with me?” And my all-time favorite that popped up a couple of years ago on one of the “practice reading” threads on Aeclectic Tarot: “Does X want to have sex with me?” I’ll bet that one is seldom asked when face-to-face with “X.”



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